Geography HW for 6.10.16

Dear Children

Here is your homework for today

Unit Revision and Writing Task: Click on the following link to revise the concepts and answer the following questions


Q 1 What is the word forest denotes?

Q 2 Which regions are also known as the “Orchards of the world”?

Q 3 Mention the uses of coniferous forests.

Q 4 Distinguish between tropical rainforests and tropical deciduous forests?

Q 5 What are the basic characteristics of Mediterranean type of forests? Marks (5)

  • CW for Today: Here are the questions which we have done and discussed in the class.Children who have not finished their CW they can finish by referring textbook

1.Describe different types of grasslands?

2.How is height of land and the character of Vegetation related with each other?

  1. Where are shrubs found?
  2. Why do trees of tropical evergreen forests not shed their leaves altogether?
  3. Name the trees found in the tropical deciduous forests.
  4. Name the animals found in the coniferous forests.




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