ENGLISH- HW-13.10.16

Dear learners,here is the home work for today.

Dictionary: With the help of a dictionary find out the meanings of the following words and write in Notebook 1.

[Monster, Afford, Crook, Rubbish, Interrupted, Scars, Shoot out, Unsure,   Annoyed, Obviously, Thrust, Peek, Disappointed , Detective, Patting , Tips, Stout, Trap, Sighed, Retorted, Blending, FlashersTummy, No dded, Tenants, Scared, Occurred, Bribing, Glared, Fed up, Co-operate Oaf, Stubbornly, Cops, Impression]

[Time: 30 min;                   MI: Verbal, Logical;                   RBT: Application]


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