Geography chapter-7 HW for 14.10.16

Dear children

Here is your homework for today

Answer the following questions in your notebook

  1. How are the occupations in the rural settlements different from those in the urban settlements?
  2. How can inland waterwaysfacilitate economic prosperity of a region?
  3. Name 2 factors responsible for more migration to cities.(2)
  4. What kind of houses is found in regions of heavy rainfall? (2)
  5. What are the disadvantages of air and water transport?
  1. Project Task 1:(FA-3 Individual activity) To prepare a PPT on ‘Modern Modes Of Transport’

Talk to your elders and find out, different transportation and communication systems in the past and the present, how do they differ and its advantages and disadvantages

Suggest some ways through which pollution can be controlled and resources can be sustained.

Submission : on Thursday 20.10.16 (viva will be taken individually)





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