VII B Maths Practice for FA 3

Practice the following questions in practice notebook.

Unitary method :


  1. 45 cows can graze a field in 12 days. How many cows will graze the same field in 9 days?
  2. If 42 men can dig a trench in 14 days, then 1 man dig it in ______days.
  3. At a particular time of a day , a 7 m high flagstaff casts a shadow which is 8.2 m long. What is the height of a building which casts a shadow 20.5 metres in length at the same moment?
  4. A worker is paid Rs. 1110 for 6 days. If his total wages during a month are Rs. 4625, for how many days did he work?
  5. The extension in an elastic string varies directly as the weight hung on it. If a weight of 150 g produces an extension of 2.8 cm, what weight would produce an extension of 19.6 cm?



  1. In which subject did Rajeev obtain the highest percentage?

Maths: 325 out of 500, English : 240 out of 400, Geography : 84 out of 150, Science : 132 out of 200.

  1. In a certain year, the population of India was about 98 crore. If it increases by 2% , what will be its population after one year?
  2. Sonal went to school for 219 days in a full year. If her attendance is 75%, find the number of days on which the the school was open.
  3. 3% commission on the sale of a property amounts to Rs.42660. What is the total value of the property?
  4. The strength of a school is 2000. If 40 % of the students are girls then how many boys are there in the school?

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