History HW for 24.11.16

Dear Children

Here is your homework for today

Reading comprehension:

Read the following passage and answer the questions given below:

“In the fifteenth century European sailors undertook unprecedented explorations of sea routes. They were driven by the desire to find ways of reaching the Indian subcontinent and obtaining spices. Vasco da Gama, a Portuguese sailor, was one of those who sailed across the Atlantic to the African coast, went round it, crossing over to the Indian Ocean. His first journey took more than a year; he reached Calicut in 1498, and returned to Lisbon, the capital of Portugal, the following year. He lost two of his four ships, and of the 170 men at the start of the journey, only 54 survived. In spite of the obvious hazards, the routes that were opened up proved to be extremely profitable – and he was followed by English, Dutch and French sailors.”

Question answers

  1. In the fifteenth century, why did the European sailors undertake unprecedented explorations of sea routes?(1)
  2. Which Portuguese sailor reached India in 1498?(1)
  3. What were the causalities in this journey?(1)
  4. Who followed this Portuguese sailor?(1)

Notebook Submission: I have been observed that most of the students are not completing HW tasks. Be regular in submission. History notebook submission is on Monday 28.11.16

Important: Your FA-4 (15 marks Subjective) test is on Wednesday 30.11.16 from chapter-7 Understanding Advertising


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