FA-4 project for History

Chapter-7 (FA-4) Town traders and craft persons (Total 20 marks)

Group project(10 marks)

Viva (Individual Activity)(10 marks)

Task: Scrap book Activity

Topic: Find out more about the architecture of either Thanjavur or Hampi and prepare a scrap book illustrating temples and other buildings from these cities.Viva will be taken individually based on the content presented in scrap book.

Submission 9/12/16 Friday

Learning objectives:

  • Research and collect iformation
  • Present information creatively
  • Provide adequate basic understanding about different concepts
  • Work in groups
  • To enhance develop understanding skill

MI: Verbal, Logical

RBI: Creativity

1. Content accuracy 4
2. Presentation and Viva(Individually) 10
3. Pictures/photographs/diagrams/sources of information 2
4. Neatness and layout 2
5. Timely submission 2

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