ENGLISH- FA4-HW-28.12.16

Dear learners, here is the home work for today as instructed and discussed in the class today.

FA4-Research GROUP PROJECT:(i) Make a list of the trees Mr. Wonka mentions. Where do these trees grow? Try to find out from an encyclopaedia. Write a short paragraph about two or three of these trees.

(ii) Name some large trees commonly found in your area. Find out something about them (How old are they? Who planted them? Do birds eat their fruit?), and write two or three sentences about each one of them.

2. Find out something interesting about age, or growing old, and write a paragraph about it. Following are a few topics, suggested as examples.
The age profile of a country’s population — does it have more young people than old people, or vice versa? What are the consequences of this?

How can we tell how old a tree, a horse, or a rock is?

What is the ‘life expectancy’ of various living things, and various populations (how long can they reasonably expect to live)?

1, 2 & 3, 4: GROUP WISE

FA4 Research GROUP PROJECT: Work within the group on the topic ‘FIRE’ and collect information as the given headers and compile the project.

What is fire?
Fire is both useful and dangerous, elaborate.
How did we discover it?
How do we control it?
Religious belief about fire by different religions, explain.
Conclusion: your opinion on ‘FIRE’

[MI: Verbal; Visual; Interpersonal RBT: Application; Creativity Time: 35 min]


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