Science HW and Reminder(02.01.17)

Dear Learners,

Preapre for FA4 internal on 04.01.17, wednesday , Ch- Time and Motion.

Syllabus for saurday, 07.01.17  FA4 Science – Ch 11 and 13.

Solve the following word problems with proper steps and statements in your NB1.

  1. Convert 1 km/hr to SI unit of speed i.e. m/s. (Ans- 5/18 m/s)
  2. A girl takes 15 minutes to reach her school on cycle. Her school is 3 km away from her house. Calculate the speed with which she cycles. ( 12 km/hr , 10/3 m/s)
  3. A bus is travelling at a speed of 50 km/hr. how much distance will it cover in 150 minutes? (125 km)
  4. A train is travelling with the speed of 120 km/hr. how long will it take to travel 360 km. (3 hrs)
  5. The given distance time graph shows the motion of a boy on a path. Observe the graph and answer the following questions: graph-image
  • What kind of motion is shown by the graph?
  • Which parts show maximum and minimum speeds?
  • What is the average speed of the boy?
  • What does the part DE represent?
  • What is the speed during the part CD? Convert it into m/s.
  • Is motion from O to B uniform? Calculate the speed.

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