Civics HW for 11.1.17

Dear Children

Complete textual exercise of chapter-A shirt in a market and Here is the question bank for chapter-Struggles for equality

Write all answers in your notebook

1. Indian constitution recognises all Indians as _________________ before the law.

2.What does the Indian constitution recognise? What does it state?

3.What happens to the poor people living in villages when dams are built or forests declared sanctuaries?

4.How was Tawa Matsya Sangh formed?

5.How did Tawa Matsya Sangh achieve it goal of fishing right?

6. Why people living in India are so unequal?

7. Give an example showing people coming together to fight for an issue.

8. Name the state where Tawa Matsya Sangh was started.

9.What is Fisherworker’s cooperatives?

10. What was the demand of Tawa Matsya Sangh?

11. How Indian constitution justify to equality?


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