Science HW(25.01.17)

Dear Learners,


Object between F and P means that the object is very near to the mirror.

Write the answers in NB.

  1. How can you distinguish between plane mirror, a concave mirror and a convex mirror without touching it?   (Write characteristic of each mirror.hint: based on virtual/real, erect/inverted, magnified/diminished/same size images)
  2. Which kind of lens can form (a) an inverted image smaller than the object (b) an erect image smaller than the object.
  3. Differentiate between : (a) magnified and diminished image   (b) Real and virtual image     (c) Concave and convex mirror
  4. Explain lateral inversion with an example.
  5. What is a lens? Explain the two types of lenses.

For Convex lens:

Position of object at infinity: Real and inverted image, Highly diminished and point size image. Opposite to the side of the object.

As the  distance between the object and lens is decreased : Real and inverted image,  Gradually the size of the image is increasing. Opposite to the side of the object.

Position of object is very close to the lens: Virtual and erect image, magnified. Same side of object

For Concave lens:

Irrespective of the position of the object: image is virtual, erect and small in size. Same side of object


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