History HW 7.4.17

Reading Comprehension Task

Q – Read the following passage and answer the questions given below in your history notebook

In 1318 the poet Amir Khusrau noted that there was “a different language in every region of this land: Sindhi, Lahori, Kashmiri, Dvarsamudri (in southern Karnataka), Telangani (in Andhra Pradesh), Gujari (in Gujarat), Ma„bari (in Tamil Nadu), Gauri, (in Bengal) … Awadhi (in eastern Uttar Pradesh) and Hindawi (in the area around Delhi)”.

Amir Khusrau went on to explain that in contrast to these languages there was Sanskrit which did not belong to any region. It was an old language and “common people do not know it, only the Brahmanas do”.

  1. Who was Amir Khusrau?
  2. List the languages mentioned by Amir Khusrau?
  3. What were his views regarding Sanskrit?

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