History HW for 12.6.17

Reading and Writing Task:

The inscriptions of the Cholas who ruled in Tamil Nadu refer to more than 400 terms for different kinds of taxes. The most frequently mentioned tax is vetti, taken not in cash but in the form of forced labour, and kadamai, or land revenue. There were also taxes on thatching the house, the use of a ladder to climb palm trees, a cess on succession to family property, etc.”

The functionaries for collecting revenue were generally recruited from influential families, and positions were often hereditary. This was true about the army as well. In many cases, close relatives of the king held these positions.

  1. Which tax is most frequently mentioned in the Chola inscriptions?
  2. List two taxes levied by the Chola rulers.
  3. What was kadamai?
  4. Who collected these taxes?

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