Math Reminder

Dear Learners,
Complete the remaining questions of Ex. 15.2 in isometric sheets. Submit the sheets on 21.02.18 without fail.
Bring math NB for Ex.15.3.

Bring Math Lab Manual and Journal along with scissor, glue, ruler and pencil on 22.02.18 for lab activity.


ENGLISH HW- 20.02.18

Dear learners, here is the home work for today.

Lesson Comprehension: On the basis of the interaction and the points marked in the text book, complete the textual exercise in Notebook 1, following the instructions given in the class and submit the NB 1- for correction tomorrow.

[Time: 20 min;                     MI: Verbal                       RBT: Application]

Geo Homework for 15.2.17

In Map skills book : Mark the following places in world map on page no: 23

The sahara and the Kalahari desert

The Arabian Desert and The That Deserts of India and Pakistan

California Desert

(refer page no: 22 )

Answer the following in your Geography notebook

Q1: Define desert.

Q2 Name the world’s largest desert.

Q3 Name the capital of Laddakh.

Q-4 Name the two major hot desert in Africa.

Q5 How many countries touches the Sahara desert?

Q6 Name the countries which touch the Sahara desert.

Q7 Describe the type of animals and plants found in hot Sahara desert region.

Q8 What is the location of Laddakh desert?

Q9: What type of vegetation of cold desert Laddakh found?

Q10: Name the famous monasteries of Laddakh.